Die Allergie - Virus
Rise Up
Industrial Metal Core
9 songs (40'28)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

This is the third albums from this German band. They play a loud and very industrial metal core (with some thrash riffs). The fact that they sing in German is may be the only new element in this "organic" music . Fear Factory, Pro Pain or Crowbar have already written this type of music. If you like those bands you might appreciate Die Allergie and this Virus in particular.

But do not expect anything more or anything less. The production is really heavy and it helps the band to create the sound they want, but still there are certain parts that I feel could have been better (drums seems too "computerized" for my taste).
If you like thrash / indus / core and you want to taste some German lyrics, I guess this one is for you.

Killing Songs :
The first song that follows the first song
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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