Tyrant Eyes - Book Of Souls
B.O. Records
Power / Prog Metal
10 songs (57'02)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

Since this "True Metal" revival, lots of labels who have missed the wave want to have also their Hammerfall or Steel Prophet. Tyrant Eyes isn't one of them, at least not with this record. To be recognized in this top league, you need talent. Musically it is quiet good (not anything new here, but with interesting ideas) and the sound is also OK. But the voice of the singer (Alex Reimund) isn't that good, sometimes out of tune and almost flat. But the big winner in this company is the drummer : this guy (Sascha Tilger) is damned good and fast (when songs are fast of course - there are some quiet prog moments on this album). It's a shame that those new bands don't take the necessary time to train a bit more before releasing albums (voice). We are sure the singer will improve for their next record, because overall the music is good and there are very interesting experimentation.
Last detail that is getting on my nerves. The first art cover was absolutely great (published in RockHard magazine by B.O. records for the promotion of the album). I don't know what happened and who decided to change it, but this one is horrible. Even my son (5 years old) could have done a better one.
With all those good releases since the beginning of the year, we advice you to listen to it before you buy. For power / prog fans. If the voice improves tremendously we could have a new challenger here. Good luck guy, you'll need some.

Killing Songs :
Timebomb, Shadows From Heaven, Dark Side Of The Moon
Danny quoted 65 / 100
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