Tyrant Eyes - The Darkest Hour
Scarlet Records
True Metal
9 songs (55'50)
Release year: 2002
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

Tyrant Eyes is back. After their "sophomore" first album called Book Of Souls, the band changed label and rejoined Scarlet Records.

I wasn't impressed with Book of Souls so let's not loose too much time in explanations here, this one is worse compared to their first shot. I must admit that the song-writing has improved a lot, but the main problem of the first record is still here, the vocalist. The guy destroys almost everything the band does. He continues to be out of tune and since three years have past, you could hope the guy improved a bit. Wrong bet !

Songs like Night Of The Defender, Delight In Dying or Magic Touch could have been topnotch songs if the vocalist was able to follow the ideas of the song-writers ...

Of course, the other "boring" fact is that these guys will remind you of tones of true metal bands. I hate to say that, but the future of this band lays on the singer; either he dramatically improves or the band should have the courage to do what Lanfear did, find a new vocalist with a killer voice.

For those of you who need to have everything out of this scene and whose pockets are full of money.

Next !

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 45 / 100
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