Alchemist - Forged In Chaos
Self Financed
Instrumental Thrash
9 songs (27:34)
Release year: 2003
Reviewed by Ger
I couldn't find any information about this band on the internet as all search results came up with the band Alchemist from Australia. Unless this is the same band and they have just changed their style a lot then just bear with me.

This album is definitlely something that you don't hear everyday, an album that's made up entirely of instrumentals. First and foremost, this album has some really nice playing all around on it. Because of the fact that it has no singing on it, it lets you really focus on whats important, the music. The biggest let down of this album is that its production needs work (sounds a bit like it has a flange effect on all the instruments), but because it's a self financed album, that can be waved.

As I've already mentioned, this album consists entirely of instrumentals which mean that the band had to work harder on keeping each song fresh and interesting. They sort of succeded in this by putting some nice ambient breaks between some of the songs but some of the songs really sounded the same and I sometimes couldn't distinguish between when one song ended and where another began. Thank god for the fade out on all the songs

If I had to compare this album to another band, I would have to say that it sounds a little like Kreator if they only played instrumentals, albeit a little slower. This could just be because I'm tired but I think it has a very similar sound to some of Kreator's later stuff.

A good first release (possibly demo) from a band that has definite potential. I can't tell you how to find anything about this band because i couldn't find anything myself but if you find some information, share it with everyone else.

Killing Songs :
A Call To Arms, Harsh Reality, Second Sight
Ger quoted 70 / 100
Jeff quoted 78 / 100
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