Anthemon - Arcanes
Thundering Records
11 songs (58:39)
Release year: 2003
Thundering Records
Reviewed by Ger
Surprise of the month
Wow, I never really got into this kinda goth stuff but I find myself listening to it a lot lately. This album was a really nice listen and I found myself getting very easily immersed in it's atmosphere.

The intro song, Anthemon Anthem, is a very beautiful piano and strings piece which does an excellent job at setting the mood for the rest of the album. The album has scattered piano and string melodies throughout it's entirety which add a dimension to the music that other bands of this nature tend to lack. The playing on the album is nothing mind-blowing but it really suits the mood of the songs and helps drive the songs to their peaks.

The singing sways from death metal growling choruses to beautiful operatic female leads which very much reminded me of After Forever. The production is superb for a first full length album, the distorted guitar is a nice background melody, the piano and strings sit very nicely in the songs and are used well to create an excellent atmosphere. The only problem I have is that the cymbals ring a bit too much which can be a little irritating.

Unfortunately, this album suffers from something that a lot of these albums tend to suffer from, the songs can get a bit repetitive after a while. This album isn't as bad as someothers that I have heard because there is enough variety there to keep you interested for the duration of the album.

This album is a very strong first release from a band that I will be watching intently for their career. If you have a taste for this kind of goth metal this is must-have and most other people should check out this album, it really is a pearler.

Killing Songs :
If I had to pick some.... Semen, Parody Of Man, The whole damn lot!
Ger quoted 81 / 100
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