Children Of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts
Spinefarm Records
Meodic Death Metal
11 songs (44'47)
Release year: 2002
Children Of Bodom, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Ben

Technically this isn't a new release as Tokyo Warhearts orignally came out in 1999 but it was pressed in such limited quantities that it sold out quickly and became a collectors item. The original pressing of Tokyo Warhearts came in a box with photocards and other stuff while the re-release is just the cd in a jewel case and sleeve. I'm not one to complain too much though as what really matters is the music.

One thing I must point out is that Japanese fans are the most rabid fans on earth. I mean look at all the live albums / DVD's recorded in Japan and just LISTEN to the crowd. After a short intro with many chants of "Bodom! Bodom! graaaaaghhhhhh!" the band tears through a blistering version of Silent Night Bodom Night thats played a few notches faster than the studio version. Bodom are tight and concise live. The bass drums are loud as hell and thundering along at a frantic pace and the guitar tone is perfect, heavy yet malleable to be very melodic. Next up is Lake Bodom with hardly a pause and once again its just a very fast song that makes you feel glad to be metal. The melodic metal onslaught continues with the pounding Warheart and then you finally get a break with Bed of Razors and War of Razors a guitar / keyboard duel. It's interesting a couple times but I'm glad its only two minutes long. Anyways, after the breather COB starts off with the lead track off the Something Wild album, Deadnight Warrior. Theres an added drum solo in the intro which gives the track a very 80's metal feel, made me think of W.A.S.P. or something. I really like the whole fist pumping, "hey hey hey hey hey" part in the intro too. Can you guess whats next? Yea you got it a ballad, they play Foreigners Owner of a Lonely Heart. And if you really believed that well I pity you fool, go listen to Yanni. Anyways next up is the godly Hatebreeder, the perfect song to kick someones ass too. It sounds I think even better live its much more angrier and pissed off, the awesome solos at the end of the song are just brilliant I wish this was filmed for a DVD so I could see the band play these songs live. Touch Like Angel of Death follows suit and it has an extended intro, the main theme to the movie The Rock, very excellent, very melodic and then after a minute of that they bust out with the main riff of Touch Like Angel of Death and proceed to kick your ass yet again. Downfall and Towards Dead End round out this cd and when its over all you can do is go "Wow"

Tokyo Warhearts really is a very well done live album. The mix is perfect and the band is in top form. Considering its only one disc and less than fifty minutes at first you might think you got ripped off but I promise you, Tokyo Warhearts is just so damn infectious and brilliantly done you'll be very pleased with the whole listening experience. For Children of Bodom fans this is a definite must have, if you've never heard Bodom before then hell this is as good a place as any to start your collection.

Killing Songs :
Silent Night Bodom Night, Hatebreeder, Deadnight Warrior and Touch Like Angel of Death
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