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Release year: 2003
The Kyrian Chronicles
Reviewed by Chris

Some of you have probably noticed that I was reviewing less and less these last few months and I wanted to present you the project I've been (and still will be for a long long time I guess) working on. As some of you may know already, I draw illustrations aside being your faithful reviewer (and webmaster) here at since January 2000. I even made a few metal-related artworks (like Manticora's Darkness With Tales To Tell or Nightshade's Nebula Trance and a few booklet artworks...) , and I'm planning on continuing to make metal illustrations from time to time, just as I plan continuing on reviewing (but just not as often) .

So, there are 2 passions in my life : drawing and metal ! And they're very much related since I do listen to metal and get inspired by it while I draw my illustrations / stories. It's actually been quite some time I wanted to release my own manga (or anime comic book) but I never really had the time to get into it, so lately I decided that it was time that I round up some priorities and that's how I finally decided to go for it and draw my stories. I wanted to share this with all of you cause I've really liked sharing thoughts and opinions on reviews, bands, and any metal stuff we have discussed together either on the forum or directly by email.

So here it is, let me tell you a little about this baby project of mine. It's a story (actually divided into short stories) that takes place on another planet called Kyria, but very similar to Earth. The first stories will be within the medieval ages of the planet's development (who said True Metal ? ... nahhhh don't deny it I heard ya :) ) and maybe will have some sci-fi elements in the future since I'm also a big fan of it (who said "Resistance Is Futile" ... hehe). The hero character of the plot is named Laiyos (that big guy on the picture looking at you all serious... yep that's him :) ), and well you'll be able to discover his adventures online on my personal website : On the site you can also have a look at the rest of my artwork (there are some pretty cool dark / metal wallpapers like Time's Up or The Wolf). Also you can post comments like you do here, and I would love to get your opinion on my artwork, so please don't hesitate to leave a message if you feel like it. There's also a forum part on the site though it hadn't been very lively lately... but with the stories now just starting, I'll try to open some interesting discussions on it so we can all consort about The Kyrian Chronicles. I actually intend to let the readers make some choices about the plot + characters through the forum itself. So let's just say that any reader will be able to give his advice and make some choices on the way the story will go (up to a certain point of course).

Like for, this project will be updated weekly. So far there are only a couple of pages (+ cover) and I intend to post 1-2 pages weekly (I'm actually posting a new page by Monday evening).

I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read this. Your opinion has always been welcomed here, and be sure it's also very welcomed about the chronicles. I'd also like to thank my teammates, for understanding that I couldn't be as involved as I was in the past and that I actually needed more time to realize my dream. So thanks everyone.

Take care, and enjoy's this week's reviews :).

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