Dimension Zero - Silent Night Fever
Century Media
Death Metal
9 songs (31'36")
Release year: 2002
Dimension Zero, Century Media
Reviewed by Alex

I am sure I wasn’t the only one who expected the new Dimension Zero release with great anticipation. Although I haven’t heard their highly acclaimed MCD Penetrations from the Lost World, I heard about it being a masterpiece. Then, in one publication I really respect I read that “Dimension Zero new full length is much better and more relevant than what In Flames has been able to put out with the last two or three albums”. Now, that is quite a statement. It also needs a reference as Jesper Stromblad (In Flames guitarist and band leader) and Glenn Ljungstrom (ex-In Flames guitarist) are behind Dimension Zero.

Unfortunately, in the mind of this reviewer, the album falls short of the billing. Way short. OK, the riffs are the most venomous and angry since the early days of Swedish death metal. Twin guitars are tight and in perfect harmony with each other. But, how can one create heavy metal in Gothenborg, albeit old and true death metal style, without a single lead or solo? I am serious – they really have none. I understand that this wasn’t about melodic death metal, as only short guitar hooks are somewhat melodious, but without either melody or leads you have a skeleton without meat. Drumming is fast and tight, but it really fluctuates between two regimes. Thrashy beat, a quick nod to At The Gates, and full death blast. Therein lies the biggest problem – how about some variety? The fact that vocalist never deviates from the average harsh delivery doesn’t help matters either.

Listening to this album was like eating a large meal with one never ending course. You are only allowed either meat or potatoes, but not both, and definitely no garnish or spice.

In that same publication I read that musicians wanted to be raw and primal. While succeeding at that goal they wrote an album which I would call “Fundamentals of Death Metal. Part I: Riffs”. It also felt like the guys needed this side project to vent. I’d rather have Jesper bring back a little aggression and primal attitude to the current In Flames material than spend it all in one place. I doubt I will listen to Silent Night Fever often.

Killing Songs :
I liked Silent Night Fever, The Murder-Inn, Not Even Dead more than others
Alex quoted 45 / 100
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