Cannibal Corpse - Worm Infested
MetalBlade Records
Death Metal
6 songs (22'44)
Release year: 0
Cannibal Corpse, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Jack
Worm Infested is not Cannibal Corpse’s new album! Their latest album was released in February this year. Cannibal Corpse has released 8 studio records in 12 years and this their first MCD if you don’t consider the Hammer Smashed Face EP as a MCD. Anyway, what’s this Worm Infested MCD all about ? It sounds more to me as a compilation of unreleased tracks, Japanese bonus tracks and cover tracks than anything else. If you, like me, are a fan of the band, chances are that you own some of the six tracks present on this MCD already.

Systematic Elimination is the first of the two brand new tracks, taken from the recording session for Gore Obsessed. This is a typical Cannibal Corpse track, not better nor worse than any other track on Gore Obsessed.

Worm Infested is the second left-over track from Gore Obsessed. I like this song better than the first one because this one is a lot more heavier and not just another fast typical Cannibal Corpse song.

Demon’s Night is an Accept cover recorded in 1998 and finished in 2002 for this release. Since I don’t know the original song, I can’t compare it and give you a fair opinion. The song is really interesting, mid-tempoed, let’s say in the Accept tradition ? I really like when Cannibal Corpse does these type of covers since I am getting a bit bored of their fast tempoed albums after about 12 years.

The Undead Will Feast is a Japanese bonus track recorded during the Vile sessions. Again it’s a typical Cannibal Corpse song and doesn’t bring anything new and exciting.

Confessions, is their second Possessed cover after The Exorcist cover they did for the Hammer Smashed Face EP. This one was only released as a bonus track on the European release of Live Cannibalism. I am definitely not a Possessed aficionado and then again I cannot compare this one to the original, but what’s the point of doing a cover of another death metal band anyway? I like it a lot better when bands like this do covers of non death metal bands, such as they did with Accept or Black Sabbath’s songs.

No Remorse is Cannibal Corpse's version of this Metallica classic and is the bonus track taken from Gore Obsessed that I have already given my opinion of in my review of Gore Obsessed.

I really think this stuff is for the fans only since there’s nothing new at all on the MCD. Of course it features another great cover done by Vince Locke as usual. This MCD, as they claim it, is a gift from the band to their loyal fans since it is supposed to be available only from Metal Blade or from the band's official website, but you will probably find it as I did at your local dealer.

Killing Songs :
Worm Infested, Demon's Night, No Remorse
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