Rennaissance - Birth (demo)
True Metal / J-Rock
3 songs (16'34)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Rennaissance is a band that contains only two members so far. Both highly talented artists, the Swiss singer Ange, who's ability to hit very high notes will never stop to amaze me, and the Japanese guitar player Luca, who can without any doubt teach Yngwie Malmsteen how to write a good solo (and make a good album for that matter). Funny thing is that Luca actually adore Malmsteen, but as far as I'm concerned, the apprentice as overcome it's master, especially on the song-writing side of things.

So, together they decided to form a band, called Rennaissance. And believe me when I say that this band holds many surprises... They started to make JRock and slowly evolved in a metal way. Their last creation is a pure jewel of True Metal hymn, called Galaxy. This song is unbelievable, if you like Stratovarius, GammaRay, Hammerfall or Freedom Call, then beware of Rennaissance, cause it's clear that these bands are strong influences for them. As well as X-Japan, vocally Ange is one of the only singer I heard that can actually reach Toshi's high notes. Galaxy, the first song of this demo, is truly wonderful, the riffing and guitar job will leave you begging for more, while Ange vocal melodies will get you on a ride you're not likely to forget any day soon ! God I love this song, and if I were to give it a quote it would at least be 98 out of 100. Truly one of the my favorite metal hymn ever. The guitar solo leaves me speechless while the Hammerfall like choirs makes me sing along. Ange sings in English in this song, he actually can sing perfectly in all 3 languages he knows (French, English & Japanese) and I must say that I'm very impressed by both the his performance and the lyrics of the songs. They go perfectly well with the positive feelings emanating from this song. My only complain would be that Ange hits high notes a tad too much sometimes... and the song could be more accessible vocally if a few moments where sung not so high. But these are details, I'm sure will be corrected in time, this, after all is just a demo ! Ange vocal influences are Toshi, Andre Matos, Timo Kotipelto, Kai Hansen and Tobias Sammet to name only the main ones. The second track of the album is called Believe. A more Hard-Rock tune, with an amazing chorus, that once within your mind : never again will it find a way out... The kind of song melody you never forget and sing when you're taking your shower or walking down the streets. That song mixes Japanese and English vocals, once again the overall is very positive and Ange vocals are leading the way, enhanced by Luca's amazing guitar melodies and the fantastic piano arrangement in the chorus. The end of that song is truly brilliant, displaying how talentuous this band already is on a song-writing level. Makes me shivers like I saw a ghost once and every time I listen to it. The last song (Yesterday Is Gone) is truly a J-Rock song, it displays where the bands comes from, and if you like the Japanese band Siam Shade, then you'll probably love that song too. Again English and Japanese lyrics with a very cool concept where English parts actually quote some of the best True Metal songs by their name(Freedom Call, Speed Of Light, Fire In The Sky, Carry On, Future World, I Want Out ,.... etc). This is actually a little tribute to all of Ange's favorite song while perfectly integrating to the lyrical theme of the song, very smart and fun. Once again Luca's guitar riffs and solo will explode your brain with his technical abilities and always melodically driven style.

The songs are very well arranged, and the I believe that if the band would hire a real drummer, to replace the synthetic drums : I'm sure the overall sound would bring the songs to a new higher level. Though I'm amazed of how they sound already the way they are. I can't get these songs out of my head and I actually play Galaxy every day as this song really shines my day. Good news for our readers, and in exclusivity for Metalreviews : Rennaissance is giving you the full MP3 of Galaxy, so here it is. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think of this song.

So, this demo is somehow a melpot of different styles : Melodic Hard-Rock, J-Rock and True Metal... the last one being I believe what Rennaissance can do best. And I think that's were they're heading. These guys truly have raw talent, they play with passion and you can hear it. The production of this demo is really excellent, I hardly receive demo CD of this quality (with few exceptions like Thunderstone last year for example and a few others). Thanks to Tonino Vaccaro who produced the album in his Fade-In studio. A very promising band that can, if signed and well produced, become the next big thing in the True Metal scene. I'm truly impressed !

Killer songs : All 3 of them : Galaxy (oh my god !), Believe & Yesterday Is Gone.

Killing Songs :
All 3 of them : Galaxy (oh my god !), Believe & Yesterday Is Gone.
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