Nightwish - Bless The Child
Spinefarm Records
Symphonic / Operatic Power Metal
3 songs (13'22)
Release year: 2002
Nightwish, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Jack
Drakkar is about to release a "MCD DVD plus" for Nightwish's new single Bless The Child… What is that ? It's a MCD that will include 3 tracks on the A side and a couple of video tracks and a 30 minutes interview on the B side. The three tracks are Bless The Child from the new album Century Child, and two previously unreleased tracks Lagoon and The Wayfarer.

Lagoon (3'45) is a lovely, slow paced song with a great dreamlike atmosphere, wonderful melodies and very few lyrics. A song filled with deep emotions, more sadness and melancholy than some songs featured on their Century Child album.

The Wayfarer (3'22) is a rather entertaining, fast paced song in the typical Nightwish tradition enhanced by the lush female vocals of Tarja. The song has a lot of variety and different emotional textures brought by the keyboards that are playing once again a vital role in the creation of their sound atmosphere.

The production of those two songs is thick, warm and full as always. As ever, their magnificent compositions are just beyond compare and Tarja's vocals are again outstanding. Those two unreleased songs are definitely great songs with not even a minor flaw and they just leave you longing for more unreleased tracks. They are not just left over songs. I am curious to know why they haven't made their way onto the album.

On the "DVD plus" side you will find the videos of the songs Over The Hills And Far Away and Bless The Child. Unfortunately I don't have this special edition and therefore I am not able to tell you anything about those two video tracks.

Anyway, this is again a must for all Nightwish fans and I wish lots of other bands would release this kind of items more often.

Killing Songs :
Bless The Child, Lagoon, The Wayfarer
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