Carpe Tenebrum - Dreaded Chaotic Reign
Hammerheart Records
Death Metal
9 songs (46'07)
Release year: 2002
Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by Jack
Crap of the month
Another great disappointment… let me explain you why. Sometimes you buy an album just because of a sticker that mention a name, without listening to it or reading a review. This is here the case, since Carpe Tenebrum is the brainchild of Astennu, formerly involved in bands such as Dimmu Borgir (with whom he played on the Spiritual Black Dimension album) and The Kovenant (with whom he played on the Nexus Polaris album).

So what you might expect when you buy this album is mainstream black metal at his finest, but what you got is typical boring death metal à la Morbid Angel. Music with no heart and no soul. The guy, Astennu, who comes from Australia, plays all the instruments himself. Perhaps he should have teamed up with someone else to get another point of view.

There might be some people out there waiting for another fine release by the gods of brutal and technical death metal that are Morbid Angel, so they have two options. Either they buy that stuff that will probably fail to satisfy them, or they simply wait for the original stuff. I am sorry guys, but I choose the second option !

Killing Songs :
original songs from Morbid Angel
Jack quoted 30 / 100
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