Teksti-TV 666 - Aidattu Tulevaisuus
Svart Records
Shoegaze/Punk Rock
5 songs (31' 40")
Release year: 2018
Svart Records
Reviewed by Andy

It's hard to describe Teksti-TV 666's sound; a mix of shoegaze, punk, and kraut rock, it's energetic but soft, high-energy but with subtle emotional undercurrents. One thing for sure: It's not metal. But like many of the works of the Finnish bands on the Svart Records label, Aidattu Tulevaisuus is likely to appeal to a metal audience anyway.

Given that they usually play with at least five guitarists, it comes as a surprise that the music is very nuanced. Everyone's doing their own thing, but it all melds together beautifully, with everyone showing superb restraint. Some songs, such as the title track, are straightforward melodic pieces along the lines of something the Ramones might have done, or some of the faster post-punk acts of the 80s, but there are more winding, introspective pieces such as Rauhankone. It isn't all delicacy and precision; a couple of the final tracks grind a good deal harder than the earlier ones, and Katko, the final track, tops out at ten minutes with a nebulous, spaced-out jam that sounds a little like what you'd get if Hawkwind got into punk rock.

Teksti‐TV 666 have been getting very popular in the Finnish music scene, from what I've heard, and Aidattu tulevaisuus shows why. The band has their influences, of course, but this sound is all their own.

Killing Songs :
Aidattu Tulevaisuus, Rauhankone
Andy quoted 83 / 100
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