ColdWorld - Nostalgia
Black Metal
5 songs (25' 20")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Andy

When we last left ColdWorld, it was with the good but flawed Wolves and Sheep. One-man band G.B. returns with a tribute to 90s black metal, not a collection of covers but original music in raw 90s style. There is some flavor of the black ambient sound he does so well, but true to the album's name, this is a different and older metal sound that ColdWorld doesn't usually do.

Of course, it's not like the world is crying out for more 90s black metal nostalgia; we see at least a few bands every week that promise to be a faithful copies of the Norwegian second-wave greats. This is more exciting because with the already-known abilities of G.B. on his earlier albums, we can see how he would tackle the subject of a 90s retro sound. He answers that riddle with a cold fierceness, the wall of guitar blasting and low-fi drums joined by a high-pitched, wailing keyboard background which increases the frigid atmosphere. Especially worthy of note is Let the Devil In, which moves from furious blastbeats to a mid-tempo rhythm in the model of early Satyricon.

Leaking in around the edges is the G.B. trademark: Ambient effects and introspective instrumental tunes. The Dark Ages is composed of nothing else, a sort of introduction to Let the Devil In, but the track that bridges ColdWorld's ambient side and its 90s black metal influence is Silva Nigra, a beautifully composed song with a grand, sweeping keyboard soundtrack elevating the black metal rage to high drama. This is also the best vantage point from which to admire the mastery G.B. has over the use of atmosphere. Even when trying to pay homage to a purposely low-quality sound, he can't resist adding lush overtones to the fading chorus, and then burns another few minutes on more instrumental ambient. I rather liked the last ambient flourish, though some might consider it compromising of the purity of what Nostalgia is trying to achieve.

Though not as great as Melancholie2, the high point of the ColdWorld discography, Nostalgia is an interesting take on the project's sound, and very listenable. One can pay the 5 euros and listen without regret.


Killing Songs :
Silva Nigra
Andy quoted 80 / 100
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