Godthrymm - A Grand Reclamation
Transcending Records
Traditional Doom Metal
4 songs (24' 21")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Andy

Former My Dying Bride guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross has been keeping busy since his departure from that band five years ago. In addition to playing in death-doom supergroup Vallenfyre, he's recently launched a more traditional doom project in the form of Godthrymm. The debut EP lacks the gothic darkness of some of his other endeavors, but with a full complement of veterans who have a long history together, A Grand Reclamation is a solid and efficient slice of British doom.

Glencross takes vocal duties, singing cleanly with a deep and slightly hoarse delivery that reminds me a bit of Victor Griffin's. The guitar tone is a grand overdrive with a little fuzz, the authoritative crunch of old-time doom that pounds out minor keys in riffs far down on the fretboard. This has the vibe of a project put together just for fun by old friends who wanted to play together again. It's not a hybrid with any other genre, it has little to do with the members' other projects, and it's a back-to-basics sound that could fit into any old-school doom offering, but the band's enjoyment of what they're doing shines through and gives the songs, for all their bleakness, a feeling of moral uplift. The EP is quite short -- if we don't count the outro instrumental, it's three tracks -- but anyone who liked Hamish's contributions to his other bands will at least find this interesting, and it's right up the alley of traditional doom fans.


Killing Songs :
The Pantheon
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