Cyberya - Mindcontrol
Breaker Records
Power/Techno Metal
11 songs (46'25)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny

Yesterday I went to see U.D.O. and the last performance of Shakra (with this singer). Cyberya, which is signed by Udo's label (Breaker Records) was opening the show.

I didn't know this band previously, expect some reviews I read here and there. The description of the band was power/techno metal and it is one of the reason I never really run after this Cd. However, the live performance was impressive and the vocals (two singers) was so impressive too that I decided to buy this one at the merchandising store. After all, I am a big fan of Rammstein and Cyberya is "oscillating" between power metal, techno and gothic.

Mindcontrol has been recorded & produced by Stefan Kaufmann (U.D.O., Ex-Accept). Based on the song-writing, I can only admit this musicians are full of talent. Both singers are excellent vocalists - the bad & the ugly - and the rhythmic section is always catchy. If I had to describe Mindcontrol using just two words, I would use melodic & electronic as this band plays without a drummer - a computer does the job.

There is no doubt this band is influenced by Depeche Mode, Crematory or Rammstein. However, Cyberya can be very proud of their music as they have their own sound, their own touch. Invisible, Digital Heroes or 2000 Years are songs describing perfectly Cyberya's sound. Check these songs if you can.

Mindcontrol will certainly interest power metal fans & gothic fans - the open minded ones of course - as this bands dare to walk an unusual path, a path usually rejected by die hard metal fans. My advice ? Listen to it before as there are a lot of electronic effects, the drum machine being one of these artificial sounds that you hate or you like. Like it's the case for Rain, I would recommend a real drummer ... not a machine !

Now if you also like Depeche Mode and you are a fan of power metal, Mindcontrol is what you're looking for.

Killing Songs :
Invisible, 2000 Years, Digital Heroes
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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