Crowbar - Equilibrium
Lethal & Destructive Metal
12 songs (50'47)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

First point that is getting on my nerves : you are Crowbar (almost the first bands playing Hard Core Metal) and you have a "weak" sound on this record. The first feeling that comes to me is ... "a demo CD". I am sorry, your album is interesting and quiet good, but why the "hell" you have such a poor sound ??? I can imagine they have use this type of sound to have a heavier feeling, but I am sure there was other ways to get better sound results.
Anyway. Direct influence are really evident on that on : Black Sabbath and Cathedral, and some thrash riffs here and there. However, heavier and much more destructive compare to Cathedral. Spiritual and redemptive lyrics will purge depression through direct confrontation with the demons of life ... and those lyrics escort a heavy music, very very heavy.
Crowbar is looking for the "equilibrium". I guess they're not far away from it. Doom metal mixed with more traditional metal sound (thrash & core elements). New and also good. Last but not least, "To Touch The Hand Of God" is really impressive : choirs mixed with a heavy piano. Congratulations for this great song.

Killing Songs :
To Touch The Hand, I Feel The Burning Sun
Danny quoted 75 / 100
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