Cayne - Old Faded Pictures
Scarlet Records
Pop Metal
8 songs (39'47)
Release year: 2001
Cayne, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Jack
Did you see that cover ? Com'on guys… this is probably the most awful cover that I have seen over the last 10 years. This kind of cover should be forbidden. I don't know for you, but when I buy a CD, I like to have the best product as possible, which means good music, but also nice cover and nice booklet. When, for instance, you buy a carpet, you want to have a good quality carpet, but also a lovely carpet that fits well in your house, don't you ? It's the same about CD. The music must be good, but I also want to have a nice looking product in my hands. What about you guys ?

All right, let's move on to the music now. The biography tells us that this band was formed by two guys previously in Lacuna Coil This is pretty cool since I am a big Lacuna Coil fan. Indeed they both were in the line-up that released Lacuna Coil self-titled first album. But the music of Cayne has very little to do with Lacuna Coil. The biography again says they take their influences from bands such as Paradise Lost, The Cult and Sister of Mercy. That's probably right since the music is somewhat dark, gothic and pop. Their sound could be compared to One Second for Paradise Lost. As for The Cult and Sister of Mercy, then you will have to ask someone else since I am not too familiar with them. The music is very melodic and sometimes catchy. They could be compared to some of the finish bands such as Him, Entwine or Lullacry. They have an Italian song that sounds weird compared to rest of the songs. They also recorded a cover of Small Town Boy from the pop band Bronski Beat (a name I haven't heard for at least ten years). It's indeed really pleasant to listen to, but it's definitely not a must have. Half of the songs are good, and half of the songs are not. I will not buy this record. Sorry !

Killing Songs :
Old Faded Pictures, Small Town Boy, In My Eyes Return
Jack quoted 50 / 100
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