Let Us Prey - The Saint of Killers
Thrash/Power Metal
6 songs (33'10'')
Release year: 2016
Let Us Prey Website
Reviewed by Jared

A while back I was approached on our Facebook page with the Boston native band Let Us Prey. It’s been quite some time before I was able to get around to this, as my current attendance has shown, but I am damn glad this group of power thrashers made their way to me. The Saint of Killers is the debut album released in April 2016. This band flew way under the radar for many, but the quality of music here, ranging from catchy and melodic power metal moments, to the raw brute force of thrash, Let Us Prey delivered a very stellar debut that requires your attention.

Above the Vaulted Sky blasts through the gate with a heavily induced vortex of thrash. The vocals are aggressive from the start, giving it that oomph of intensity I have been looking for. Let Us Prey lay on the catchy riffing quick on their debut, as well as clean vocals that help this catchiness thrive to its full potential.

Hands down the best track on this debut is In Suffering. The dark keyboards at the beginning start this one off in an intriguing manner. Boasting with a superb melodic tone once it really kicks off, the heavy chug of the guitars that follow only sets up for some great fist pumping metal. For a good duration of the track, it felt like it could belong on a Primal Fear album, which of course to me, is a very welcomed sound. The chorus here is a strong and catchy one indeed that gets etched deep in the brain, only making this one easy to repeat happily.

Murder Thy Maker begins things again with keyboards, this time much softer, but do not be fooled. Probably the most intense track of the bunch, the speed and ferocity of the instruments is executed with great precision. Overall the quality of this album is outstanding. There simply is not a bad track to be heard here. If this little over 30 minutes of music says anything about Let Us Prey’s future, then consider my ticket bought now, because these guys really rock the house. Recommended.

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