Argile - The Monotonous Moment of a Monologue
Holy Records
Heavy Dark Doom Death Metal
10 songs (47:50)
Release year: 2002
Holy Records
Reviewed by Jack
Untitled Document

It's very easy to review an album that you like. It's also quite easy to review an album that you don't like. Even though in both cases you might not be fair. But how to review an album that you don't care about ? Especially when you know that the two members of this band are members from the french band Misanthrope, a band that you find ridiculous. Why Ridiculous ? Because they use sometimes french in their songs, and the lyrics are… well… ridiculous. Obvious. Even though I am able to express myself in english or read english, I never read the lyrics of any bands. Because I focus only on music.

Anyway, let's try to make a fair review. So how to proceed ? First of all listen to the record, again and again, to be fully aware of what you're talking about to be sure to make a fair review. And it is sooooo painful to listen to something you don't care about. There seems to be no french lyrics on this record (at least no french titles track). That's at least a good start.

The first song is actually an intro with whispering voices. Let's move ahead… Oh my good lord, the second one is called Satanic Music… is this gonna be brutal true black metal ??? Not really, it's heavy-dark-doom-death metal. The voice is half death, half whispering (you know like King Diamond sometimes does it). It's not bad, but I am not enthusiastic so far !

The third song starts where the second one ended. There's something that sounds like a choir…. And this guitar is getting on my nerves. There's also a wanna be cool guitar solo after 2 and half minutes. But the vocals are getting on my nerves as well. All right, when this one is finished I go to bed and I will resume this review tomorrow evening. Com'on, just one more ! You know you can do it.

The fourth one is quite doomy… but those vocals are getting more and more soporific, and so does the music. All right guys, I really go to bed now…

The evening after… All right, let's get back to my review… but the album isn't any better today. Well, it's getting harder to think what to write about that stuff. The songs are really uninteresting at all.

Some riffs on track seven remind me a bit of Loudblast's Sublime Dementia and Disincarnate albums, more particularly the drums and the guitar riff. I wish Loudblast had returned and that I was reviewing their new album instead of that crap.

You guys can not imagine how soporific song nine can be. This is worse than I have ever imagined how bad a song could be. All right I cannot bear this shit any longer. Let's get rid of that stuff. I know now why I got the CD free with my last order. If anyone is interested, then email me and I'll mail you this thing. I will even not charge you for the stamps.


Killing Songs :
I wish there had been only one at least !!!
Jack quoted 30 / 100
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