Absolute Darkness - Future Imperfect
Death/Thrash Metal
8 songs (39'15'')
Release year: 2017
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Reviewed by Jared

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Absolute Darkness is a new death and thrash metal band to come from the area. With influences that range from the Bay Area thrash legends like Exodus and Testament, to the death metal sounds of Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse, there is much chaos on their first album, Future Imperfect. The album explores a variety of areas, mostly dark, filled with death, and apocalyptic in nature. So if you want an album filled with some rage over the newly elected Donald Trump, or a meteor destroying the earth in the not so distant future, look no further.

The opening track World in Disarray, begins with a menacing tone. The song pounds with aggression, and immediately will cater to those who like the old school death metal sound. The main riff here is a neck jarring one, making the start of this album a heavy beast to tame.

The following track Democratic Suicide is a bit fitting for some around this time of year, exploring dark political areas. Much frustration and anger stems from this track, mostly directed at the current political state of the US. More ferocity is apparent, with an unrelenting tone that doesn’t let up with each passing note that will surely get the hair swinging.

Things get a bit more melodic and thrashy with Betrayal. It may be one of the better tracks on the album. It is hard-hitting at every corner, delivering a rageful and heavy tone. If any song will snap your neck, this one is sure to get the job done. On My Way to Death is another good song with a good death metal march style that will also cause the neck muscles to strain quite a bit.

Absolute Darkness’ first full-length album is a heavy one to dig into. Exploring both areas of thrash and death metal, there is much hate and aggression that emerges on this album. Though some songs may outweigh others, this is a solid album that death and thrash metal fans will come to enjoy.

Killing Songs :
World in Disarray, Democratic Suicide, Betrayal, On My Way to Death
Jared quoted 72 / 100
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