Metal Reviews poll - Metallica : Genius or Betrayal ?
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Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Danny

Our readers like to leave messages on and as you asked us to create an open forum section, we thought we could bring up a subject from time to time. These forums will normally be posted on Tuesday. As this one is the first "official one", we have decided to post it with our weekly reviews. The future forums will be posted on Tuesday.

For our first forum, we have chosen to discuss Metallica. The best band ... the betrayal band ... the worst band ... the commercial band.

Since the tragical death of Cliff Burton, lots of you think that Metallica has sold its soul to the music business (not to say MTV). However, for those of you who like the Black Album (like me), it is difficult to understand why the fans have turned their back to this fantastic record and to this leading metal band. Nothing Else Matters seems to be a part of the problem, like it was the case for Kiss with I Was Made For Loving You.

So the question is very simple : each time a band found its way out of the underground - we think also of AC/DC - the metal fans turn their back and shout "Betrayal". I think this is not justified for Metallica, even though their first three albums will never been reproduced again. It was another time, another place and we have to accept these facts !!!

Don't you think metal fans' judgments are too "hard" with Metallica, concidering what this band has brought to metal (and to us) over the past twenty years ???

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