Altar - In The Name Of The Father
Pavement Music
Death / Thrash Metal
10 songs (45'36)
Release year: 2000
Pavement Music
Reviewed by Danny

Interesting Death Metal album. The music is a mixture of speed metal and thrash riffs and sometimes some "progressive" moments. Overall, it's fast, heavy and the drums is really "explosive". As usual with this type of metal the voice is guttural. So if you cannot afford this type of voice, turn the page.
I am a bit disappointed with the sound : I don't know why those bands don't take reference to bands like Testament or Hypocrisy in terms of sound. These bands play the same kind of music (voice used differently) and above all they have a fucking great sound. Death metal doesn't mean poor sound for me (this was may be the case at early ages of death metal style), but today this categories of metal fans look also for quality, which include a decent sound.
That said, its straight fast death metal in your face ... the kind of one that explode your brain !!! A bit "easy", but Altar seems to have a "great" potential. I suggest them to have a better production next time, this will certainly improve their "already" interesting songs.
There is a cover of Iron Maiden : The Trooper ... death way, death style ... Funny.

Killing Songs :
Holn Mask, Spunk
Danny quoted 65 / 100
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