Necrophobic - Bloodhymns
Hammerheart Records
Death / Black Metal
10 songs (46'01)
Release year: 2002
Necrophobic, Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by Jack

So, Necrophobic are back with another release that sounds like the previous one, which sounded like the previous, which also sounded like their first release (did you guys follow me ???). The album was recorded at Sunlight Studios with Thomas Skogsberg (by the way I didn't know the studio and the guy were still alive). To be clear, this album doesn't bring anything new to their discography (well in fact one more album), since lots of better records and lots of worst records have been done so far ! But just like you buy an album from Slayer to hear Slayer, you buy Necrophobic to hear Necrophobic… obviously !!! And since I spent money to buy this record, I have the right to tell my opinion, since I bought all their records : The Nocturnal Silence, Spawned By Evil, Darkside, The Third Antechrist, Bloodhymns.

I must admit that I like this band since their first release, the nocturnal silence, back in 1993. This was a masterpiece, half way between black and death metal, and at the time it had a good sound. The problem is that this record has the same sound, 8-9 years later. Well, on the other hand, the album doesn't run at 30 minutes, but runs rather at 45 minutes, consisting of 10 songs, among which the last one is all instrumental (rather typical for a death-black metal release).
About 6 years ago the band released a MCD with 3 covers (Slayer's Die By The Sword, Venom's Nightmare and Bathory's Enter The Eternal Fire), but there's no cover on this album, and this is why I complain about this album. I wish all the albums that I buy had covers, because I like it, and it brings something more to the records. But well, of course nobody has to share my opinion, especially the guys from Necrophobic.

Let's get back to the main point of this review, the new album : the songs are typical Necrophobic's song, so don't expect them to play something else. Guitars, bass and drums, in you face. No keyboards. Just tortured guitar solos on every songs, as well as hard drumming. The vocals are still Tobias Sidegard since the second album. An album consisting of 10 blood-satanic-hymns, that's what it amounts to… and that's what I was buying for. Thank you.

Killing Songs :
All of them or none of them
Jack quoted 75 / 100
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