Blood Region - Of Northern Fire
Inverse Records
Heavy Metal
4 songs (19'04")
Release year: 2016
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

With the name like Blood Region one can anticipate these Finns play a little more than just straightforward heavy metal. Indeed they do, as Of Northern Fire EP shows, but it is not as bloodthirsty as you may think. Definitely not all of it, since the release presents multiple faces for this band.

No Fate in Rebels Blood is what you can probably call their in your face, rugged, garage song, one step shy of thrashy melodeath, with muddy guitars and rough vocals. Singing is actually not the best aspect of Blood Region, but Mika Minkkinen is saved many times by a supporting gang behind him. Yet No Fate in Rebels Blood shows that Blood Region are very comfortable with their instrumental parts, coming up with an extended melodic soloing. That trend continues on Intergalactic Psychonaut and December, where the band revels in their melodies, yet where the song style is quite far from the aggressive No Fate in Rebels Blood.

Intergalactic Psychonaut shows off almost a progressive side of the band, guitar riffs supported by synthesizers, which in a weird way reminds me of Judas Priest's Turbo. The band tries to maintain their toughness by angling away from melody on the non-melodic verse, coupled with angry speaking vocals, however I personally see that as a detraction. After atmospheric instrumental Cold Wilderness, December takes yet another direction, delivering slower bluesy bass guitar filled song. The tempo grows steadily and melodies reach their outstanding pinnacle, but whispery speak to almost hardcore shouts again does not seem to fit.

Of Northern Fire shows the band very much looking for their own musical direction, and the work apparently remains.

Killing Songs :
Alex quoted 68 / 100
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