Wolf - Wolf
No Fashion Records
Very fast Heavy / Power Metal
14 songs (55'28)
Release year: 2000
Wolf, No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Well when a friend suggested me to check this album out I was really reluctant I must admit... what an awful artwork !!! How can such piece of so-called art can be on a metal records and further more a good one ? no way !!! Well wrong guess.

Now let's try to pass a simple message along... perhaps it's the fact that I myself make cover artwork and I perhaps let my own taste influence my judgment here but I think that 99% of the people will hate this cover so they won't try to listen to it when they'll go shopping for new CDs... so commercially I don't see the point. Well, anyway end of parenthesis and let's go with the music itself that sincerely needs to be reviewed :

Wowowowowowow.... I must still be under the shock of the artcover (okay I stop it :)) but this sounds good ! Very nice heavy metal with power metal riffs, strong guitar parts and interesting song writing. Do I feel some Iron Maiden touch on guitar ? Mhhh... perhaps, well I'm sure guitarist is a big Maiden fans, no doubts there ! The music is excellent and fast paced all the way, you don't have time to put your mind at ease, this album goes faster than light speed traveling into your mind and blows you away.

Gentlemen this is a very good band with very interesting ideas and I suggest you check them out. Production is very good and the music is taking all your attention, melodic and complex the songs are very different one another and on each one you can feel Iron Maiden touch like a shadow behind them... but this is no copy cat, cause Maiden don't write such fast music, they have a sound of their own. The only thing that stop this record to be a masterpiece is probably the absence of decent chorusline... with melodies à la Maiden you would have waited for melodic chorus with strong elements like Maiden do, but these are not there and that's really too bad. Chorus is my favorite part of songs, so I usually put a lot of hope into them and wait a special moment that marks the track, that special moment is absent here and even though the album is excellent I still think that part needs to be worked for next record.

Anyway it sounds fucking good and I suggest you check it out. I might be a bit severe here with the quote, but an album is a whole, from music, voice, originality, production and even artwork (couples of points were lost here).

Killing Songs :
All are nice, but none are killing because of the lack of good chorus line.
Chris quoted 78 / 100
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