Talmud Beach - Chief
Svart Records
9 songs (38'00'')
Release year: 2016
Svart Records
Reviewed by Jared

Sometimes in the list of promos we receive, a not so metal band will slip in for review. Admittedly, sometimes it’s good for me to swerve in a different direction than my typical listening habits of distorted guitars and devilish screams. This time around, I was in for something vastly different with Talmud Beach, a Finnish blues band.

Their latest album Chief is a much laid back and chill album. Ain’t So Young starts the album off in modest yet likable manner. Pharmacy Blues that follows is a much more upbeat track, a bit goofy sounding during the chorus, but nonetheless a very classic bluesy sound emerges. The album does switch in sound a bit early on with Mountain Man, this time showcasing the folk side of the band. It’s a damn beautiful song, even made more so beautiful with the great use of vocals, radiating with a powerful sound.

Chief is mainly sung in English but a later track, Kekkonen, switches over to Finnish. The track is just as catchy, if not catchier with the chorus. A bit more energy comes out here from Talmud Beach, delivering yet another toe tapping delight. Towards the album’s end a very fittingly named track Chinaman Blues, displays the solid musicianship of the band, really letting loose with fantastic bluesy leads.

I know Talmud Beach may be a different kind of band to be reviewed on Metal Reviews, but sometimes it’s good to explore other areas of music that many of us would not likely want to tread. Talmud Beach is definitely an exception. Their addictive hooks, catchy choruses, and great musicianship have the ability to easily pull you in to their more than enjoyable bluesy rock show. It’s the kind of album you can’t help to bring with you when you know you have a long summer road trip ahead and need the perfect record to make it all seem the sweeter.

Killing Songs :
Ain't So Young, Mountain Man, Kekkonen, Chinaman Blues
Jared quoted 78 / 100
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