Sixth Dimension - Trauma
Thrash Metal
6 songs (24'00'')
Release year: 2016
Sixth Dimension
Reviewed by Jared

Hailing from the Czech Republic, thrash metallers Sixth Dimension was formed in 2002. With some lineup changes, the band finally found its groove in 2011, with a handful of records already under their belt. Trauma is the latest EP from the band released this year. Their latest offering is a violent punch of thrash, raw, and in your face from beginning to end.

The EP contains a quick introductory track, making it start off very eerie, but it has a nice industrial touch to it. The album title track Trauma quickly rips out with the thrash intensity, finally slowing down a bit more into the song to give a good punch to the jaw of heaviness. At times this album has a good death metal vibe going for it as well. The following track Otroci Prohnilosti Systemu continues well along with their raw thrash concoction, but this time guitars contain groovier riffs, and great blistering solos.

There is a lot more to like with the last two tracks on this EP, as I came to realize that the most enjoyable moments were found here. Cerna Dira is an aggressive monster, with some great soloing in between to make this one a catchy, and head jarring track that creates some serious whiplash.

Trauma is a solid EP from Sixth Dimension. For an independent band, they have a vicious and raw tone to their style of thrash that is very welcomed. With thoughts on a full-length album in the near future, there is great potential for something fierce and worthwhile if the EP Trauma has anything to say about it.

Killing Songs :
Trauma, Otroci Prohnilosti Systemu, Cerna Dira
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