Voidnaga - MMXVI
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black/Death/Doom Metal
4 songs (19'00'')
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Jared

Voidnaga is a black, death, and doom metal project from Malaysia with only one man behind the wheel for the monstrous demo. His name is Adlan and his music is described as “Malay Magick Black Metal,” which is influenced primarily from the mythological and demonological deities of his native country. These themes are heavily present on Adlan’s very first demo entitled MMXVI. It’s quit an intense ride, belting with a horrific mix and black, death, and doom that satisfies very well on the extreme side of the metal spectrum.

This demo is a bit slow going at first with its three minute introduction that provides a tribal feel that creeps forward towards the following meaty track, Emanated Light Towards Chaos. This track begins slowly, punching out the slow heavy and doomy side of the project right away creating a fearsome atmosphere. Halfway through, the music creates a sharp turn towards the intense and terrifying, pounding with strong blast beats, creating a dark messy sound that is very chaotic. The following track Haze Bore Darkness follows suit with the last track’s chaotic end. The riffs get a little bit groovier with this one when it clashes with the double bass from the drums making it difficult to hold back from some serious neck thrashing.

With a good mix of death and black, and even doom elements, Voidnaga’s demo MMXVI is quite the appetizing short burst of terror extreme metal lovers will certainly come to enjoy.

Killing Songs :
Emanated Light Towards Chaos, Haze Bore Darkness
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