Zyphoyd - Three Days of War
Progressive Thrash/Death
5 songs (24'00'')
Release year: 2012
Reviewed by Jared

The Australian duo Zyphoyd is a progressive thrash and death metal band that throws a bit of neo-classical elements into their music. Zyphoyd is an unsigned band, but behind the two artists responsible, there are a lot more strengths than weaknesses within the music, and their EP Three Days of War shows that the metal pair has some solid musicianship to back it up.

The opening track Three Days of War immediately shows both the thrash and death side of the band. Vocals are death metal, but feel old-school, like it emerged somewhere in the early 90s. The initial track is a great mix of thrash and death, but when the song reaches its end, the soloing from the group shows the talent these guys hold to create a catchy neo-classical style to wrap up the end.

Relentless Tyranny that follows is a meaner, heavier punch of metal. The keyboards provide a different, darker atmosphere to this track with the choir sampling. Once again in between the toughened riffing, the band brings out their solo abilities to deliver yet another likable solo. Following this track, The Five Elements picks up a lot of speed, taking on a thrashier sound this time. The band however throws in another unexpected turn, as about half-way they incorporate clean layered guitars that emit an eerie tone.

One thing Zyphoyd makes sure to do, is to shred wildly within every track on their EP. Reborn may be the most memorable solo found on the album, lasting around a minute and a half in length. You can tell the band drives off influences such as Symphony X with the way they move about the strings, in a neo-classical sense, with beauty and speed.

Zyphoyd may be unsigned, but their progressive style that touches on both death and thrash, boasting at times with neo-classical elements, kept me extremely entertained. For just a two man group, they show a lot of talent and promise and I will be looking forward to what will be of their first full-length album when the time arises.

Killing Songs :
Relentless Tyranny, The Five Elements, Reborn
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