SubMine - This Won't End Well
Gomek Records
Doom/Death Metal
5 songs (21'00'')
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Jared

Residing from New Jersey, SubMine is a band that likes to mix death and doom metal, but also giving off an industrial feel to their music. Their EP, This Won’t End Well, is a dim album overall, with sludgy slow guitars that cater to a hazy doom sound.

The opening track Non-Response is Compliance is actually a very strong opener. The slow and heavy doom nature of this track is intriguing, feeling very dim and filled with despair. SubMine is not only doom sounding, but an industrious side likes to take over with a great deal of their music. Sacrificial Earth that follows deals with a lot more of the industrious sound, with sampling that clangs with each passing beat. The track Built on Bones returns to more guitar focus, but the industrial sound still remains very intact. Overall many tracks that follow the very first one are very slow and obscure, sounding more mechanical.

Later tracks like I Can’t Go With You and Perfect Lie provide more deep toned and sluggish guitars. Though a lot of liking goes to mainly the initial opening track to this EP, This Won’t End Well has some interesting doom and death metal that also provides a mechanical yet atmospheric spin to the music.

Killing Songs :
Non-Response is Compliance
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