Nightslug - Loathe
Broken Limbs Recordings
Sludge Metal
7 songs (31'48'')
Release year: 2015
Nightslug, Broken Limbs Recordings
Reviewed by Jared

Last year the only sludge metal that was worth remembering was the immensely powerful EP Yearwalker from Sweden’s Gloson. Germany’s Nightslug is so far the only band this year to decide my fate of walking through the serious muck that is sludge. Their second full-length album Loathe can be quite the hefty monster, despite sometimes being repetitive.

At first listen, Nightslug are a raw sounding sludge focusing on heavy guitar patterns that layer over to create a deep tone. The open track Vile Pigs does just this, following a slow and heavy groove throughout its duration. The main title track Loathe is a bit fiercer than the previous track, remaining heavy, and this time concentrating on a catchier sound. Vocals shriek of a death and black metal nature fitting well with their slushy groove.

By far the most intense, and chaotic driven track is found within Under a Bane. Drumming comes off extremely aggressive, clashing to hectic guitars which in turn are a mash up of pandemonium. The album does immediately drop off from this heightened energy with the track Disease that is probably the slowest track on Loathe, but maintains its focus on the extremely weighty guitars that pound like a hammer.

Loathe can drive forth a big sound when it comes to sludge. Though songs may be a bit repetitive, Nightslug have a solid second full-length album of hardened sludge that is easy to get stuck in. Loathe’s rawness and an atmosphere that’s focused on a primarily straightforward heavy sound, is a good reason to come back for more with this one.

Killing Songs :
Vile Pigs, Loathe, Under a Bane, Disease
Jared quoted 72 / 100
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