My Sleeping Karma - Moksha
Napalm Records
Instrumental/Psychedelic Rock
11 songs (52'53'')
Release year: 2015
My Sleeping Karma, Napalm Records
Reviewed by Jared

I can’t remember the last time I was able to get a hold of an instrumental album. Psychedelic German rockers My Sleeping Karma haven’t made themselves known to me until now, but their instrumental style is an interesting and enticing journey without words. Rock with a groovy nature, Moksha is a mentally deep journey, one that is filled with enchanting and rich melodies.

Starting things off extremely psychedelic with Prithvi, the music begins slowly with this opener. The album may not jump out immediately with this slow groove. Songs are broken up into interludes that follow between each track. The first that follows has a more tribal feel to things, due in part to the sound the drums emit and the use of an ancestral sounding voice to coat over the track. Vayu starts things off slower once again, but is more upbeat than the first, becoming a bit more mind-altering with its melodies.

The album contains two long epics, Moksha and Jalam. Moksha is the first to appear and contains a more rocking attitude than much of the previous tracks had lain forth. While the psychedelic side of the band stays very much alive, guitar riffs are groovier and will provide all the reasons to bob your head to this tune. Jalam is the softer of the two epics, staying away from the distortion side of things to bring about a more hallucinogenic sound.

All-in-all, Moksha is an interesting journey through the psychedelic, mind-expanding, and groovy rock it sets out to accomplish. A bit slow going it may be for some, My Sleeping Karma’s fifth album Moksha is a more than worthy of an album to definitely check out this summer if you’re looking for something a little more smooth and relaxing.

Killing Songs :
Prithvi,Vayu, Moksha, Jalam
Jared quoted 79 / 100
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