Jarun - Pod niebem utkanym z popiolu
Progressive Black/Folk Metal
9 songs (54'54'')
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Jared
Album of the year

Originating in 2008 under the direction of the guitarist known as Zagreus, Jarun released their first full-length album Wziemiozstapienie in 2012. Aimed to bring a combination of black and folk metal, the album saw great reception. Originally, Zagreus had begun things entirely as a solo project, but when this turned out to be lacking, additional members were added to the musical roster. With the second album, Pod niebem utkanym z popiolu, the album is more of a collective effort that still follows the same black and folk metal focus, with a slight stylistic change. The result is a much more mature album in sound, and quite frankly, one of the better albums metal has had to offer me this year.

An instrumental starts the show off right with Przedswit, quickly bringing out clean and extremely attractive folk guitars. Kamienie follows, driving a heavier hammer of sound with its progressive black metal style that hints to the sounds of the band Enslaved. Zawolaj mnie przyjde is one of the finest tracks on the album, rumbling along with more melodic prowess that is easy to fall in love quickly. A second instrumental does emerge at the half-way through the album entitled Cisy, this time around coated in a bit more beauty at its start then finally finishing with more hastened guitars at the end.

Noc niedokonczona begins the second half of the album on a strong note. The track disbands much of the folk elements with this one, intensifying Jarun’s own concoction of progressive black metal that ends with very impressive results. The main guitar riff may be a bit simpler, but is a powerfully driven one that is hard to forget. The album does contain one long epic which closes the album called Jak wiatr. Balancing soft folk moments with melodically rich black metal, Pod niebem utkanym z popiolu ends in a memorable fashion.

Even though Jarun has yet to be signed, their second full-length album Pod niebem utkanym z popiolu will be turning some heads in the metal community. They have established their own special fusion of progressive black and folk metal that is easy to love even after the first listen. Jarun have quickly matured in sound since their debut album Wziemiozstapienie, and has proven they have a resilient standing amongst the current progressive black and folk metal scene.

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