Midnight Eternal - Midnight Eternal
Symphonic Metal
2 songs (9:37)
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Joel

Normally for me I don’t review two song EP’s for the site, but Midnight Eternal’s video for the first of two tracks, When Love and Faith Collide’s video, grabbed my attention, and I had to watch it a few times. From the mesmerizing, thought provoking and attention grabbing intro of this cinematic video(all before the music even kicks in) to the equal performance of vocalist, Raine Hilai. She not only has a unique tone to her voice, she also fully engulfs herself in the role of her character in the video. Even the male vocals which are clean vocals are well done, and for a change are not the tried-and-followed death metal vocals. The song overall is very keyboard heavy, yet does not drown out the other instruments..

The second and last track, Masquerade Of Lies has a very doom feeling to the first forty seconds. After that a nice mix of guitar and keyboards solos follow. Hilal’s sultry yet emotive vocals really shine on this song, her vocals vary depending on the verse or chorus. Another thing that may help Midnight Eternal stand out compared to similar bands in their genre, is the musicianship. The guitar solos from Richard Fischer are technical and very melodic, and fits the song perfectly.

I honestly can’t pick my favorite song between the two, the only thing I could ask for, is more music of this quality on a full release. Also should be mentioned, Mike Lepond of Symphony X plays bass on this. With two songs already set Midnight Eternal is in a great position, to unleash their melodic brand of Symphonic Metal on the world. I hope this New York, USA band finds its way across the pond, because they could turn the genre on its head.

Watch the video for When Love and Faith Collide HERE
Killing Songs :
Both of them
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