Within Silence - Gallery of Life
Ulterium Records
Melodic Power Metal
11 songs (52:00)
Release year: 2015
Ulterium Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Hailing from Slovakia, is the melodic Power Metal band, Within Silence and their debut Gallery Of Life. Gallery of Life, is a mixture of straight ahead melodic power metal and solid musicianship. They are Ulterium Records, a label known for signing Christian bands, though this band has not come out saying if they are Christian or not(some of the lyrics may so, but I am not sure, I am not a Christian), the label should not stop anyone who loves melodic power metal from enjoying this.
Wedged between an Intro and Outro(named that as well) tracks, are nine songs that make up this impressive debut. The first is Silent Desire, a song you can check out HERE. The main guitar riffs/solo and chorus are the two highlights of that song for me. Emptiness Of Night follows, and continues with the solid guitar riffs and the strong vocals, of Martin Klein. Musically it has a feel, of Sonata Arctica’s Silence era, or something of the Visions-era Stratovarius. Elegy Of Doom, is more straight ahead, with a driving riff and melodic middle instrumental section(some great guitar playing, without being flashy). The second longest track on the disc is, The Last Drop Of Blood. Keyboards layer the background as a fast and technical guitar riff is played above. While this is not the fastest song it is one of the more aggressive riff-fests on the entire disc. It contains all the strengths of the earlier tracks, especially the strong chorus, which momentarily slows down before going back into the speedier verse. The longer instrumental section, really shows the bands chops, and gives this song its extended length, and keeps the intensity up without being boring. Love Is Blind, is another song that I could compare to Stratovarius in style, yet has Within Silence’s own stamp on it. The immediate melodic groove, majestic chorus, and vocal delivery(though Klein’s vocals are definitely unique) draws the comparisons. Anger and Sorrow slows down the tempo for the intro and initial verse that is sung in harmony with a very cool guitar harmony. The rest of the song is business as usual for Within Silence’s brand of melodic metal. Judgement Day and The World Of Slavery are both speedy songs, though the latter has one of my favorite intros and verse melodies on the entire disc. It is also one that has some progressive flourishes and is a fun-headbanging song that has a real sing-a-long vibe to it. The final track(with vocals) is Road to the Paradise, is just under eight minutes long. The drum groove with vocals over it, is something the band has done on a few other songs, but still it works here, though some variety by now would have been good(nitpick versus criticism). The vocals are definitely the highlight of this song, while the guitars play more of a straight ahead power chord riff for the majority of the song. The sing-a-long quality of the previous song, is definitely present here as well. The slower section after the four minute mark, shows the band can slow things down, and Klein’s vocal ability.

A solid debut from a young and promising band, who happens to be my first band review from Slovakia. If you are a fan of melodic metal, or the bands I mentioned above then this is definitely for you. Check out the video I mentioned before, and if you like what you see and hear, then please check out their Facebook for more information.

Within Silence is :
Martin Klein - Lead vocals, backing vocals
Richard Germanus - Solo & rhythm guitars, growls, backing vocals
Martin Cico - Rhythm guitars
Filip Andel - Bass, backing vocals
Peter Gacik - drums
Killing Songs :
Silent Desire, Elegy of Doom, Anger and Sorrow, The World of Slavery
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