The Inspector Cluzo - Gasconha Rocks
Suicidal Records
10 songs ()
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Jared

I know some feel rock releases may not feel appropriate for this site, but every once in a while it’s good to change gears. Known as, The Inspector Cluzo, this French band rocks hard with a groovy fusion vibe. Gasconha Rocks was released in 2013, but it’s getting a North American release in 2015 under Suicidal Records. They rock rightly so with great energy and one of their more unique features; they record their music on a 1979 Sony mixing desk.

Hello Goodbye Education starts things off with a classroom rebellious attitude. It’s a great rocking and upbeat track to start the mood off solidly. One of the best tracks shows up early called I Am (Not) A Super Hero. This crunchy tune is an addictive one which is nearly impossible to not hold back and nod your head or tap your foot to its groovy feel. Garbage Beach is another straightforward rocking tune that sounds more from the 70s than anything recent sounding. It’s a great track to put the windows down in a car on a hot summer day and just enjoy the ride.

The album gets a short jazzy mood towards the halfway point with Lo Camin de la Hesta. Everything gets rocking again soon after with The Duck Guit Blues sounding more southern rock than most tracks on here. It’s a different feel, but the rocking doesn’t seem to stop with these guys as the album progresses towards the end. One song in particular that rocks forth with a great attitude at the end is Move Over Monsanto. This two man band knows exactly where to strike when it comes to writing catchy riffs and upbeat songs that make this rock adventure worth the listen.

It may not be a metal album, but Gasconha Rocks is a great rock album to get acquainted with. The French duo simply create a great jam with solely drums and guitar, more so than most rock bands I might dare say, with their crunchy fusion and groovy rock vibe that is difficult not to like.

Killing Songs :
Hello Goodbye Education, I Am (Not) A Super Hero, Garbage Beach, Move Over Monsanto
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