Occult 45 - Human Abhorrence
Broken Limbs Recordings
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Release year: 2015
Broken Limbs Recordings
Reviewed by Jared

It’s hard to say how much grindcore I have come to enjoy over the years. Sitting through Napalm Death’s album Scum comes to mind feeling like I was dragged through a wicked mess of pandemonium but also having a good laugh in the process. It’s not a genre for the faint of heart as Occult 45 shows with their latest EP Human Abhorrence will show. Interesting to say the least, the shortened length of this EP makes it easier to power through.

The album begins with a wicked and desolate sound with Plaster Saint. The album keeps the intensity up for the whole duration, fusing cruel, punk like death growls with rip roaring guitar riffs. Tracks are extremely short, as some do not even reach two minutes. Chainsaw Vigilante is a quick ride through chaos, this time around sounding a little less erratic and heavier. A later song, Succubi, is an easier listen with its more sludge tone and probably is the best song found here, but it’s hard to really pull much out of this one.

Human Abhorrence is easily forgettable. Grindcore may not be the easiest genre for most to listen to, but there are some solid bands out there that can really turn chaos into something memorable and worthwhile. As for Occult 45, their latest album was difficult to like, but the band do have strength and potential for a great sound.

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