Shroud Eater - Face the Master
Primitive Violence Records
Sludge Stoner
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Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Alex

Shroud Eater are a trio from Miami, FL, who play sludge-stoner style yet mix a healthy dose of modern metal into it. Two track Face the Master EP is probably a pretty good representation of the aforementioned amalgam.

After an introductory dose of vocal samples from some movie I most likely have never seen, the title track drains down a number of basic, dripping with heaviness, distorted chords, which must be putting the amplifier to its maximum capacity. Before they shift to brooding drone, the vocals are mostly hysterical screams, and that is where I draw some of the modern metal (Kylesa) comparisons, while the chords and overall heaviness are High on Fire material. Face the Master, the song, sounds a bit like a declaration manifesto of the music style Shroud Eater have chosen for themselves.

House of Endings is more multifaceted, at times going faster with a cosmic atmosphere, rather than crawl along at the mammoth pace. The breakdown eventually turns the tempo downward in order to showcase more withdrawn cleaner vocals and twisted melodic solo.

Not as atmospheric as The Body or as blasting and decadent as Black Cobra, Shroud Eater reminded me of Immortal Bird, in no small part because of female vocals and leadership, but the Floridians are striving to be a lot more accessible, even if sounding heavy and gruff.

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