Vision Divine - Send Me An Angel
Athreia records
Progressive Power Metal
11 songs (43:16)
Release year: 2002
Vision Divine
Reviewed by Marty
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This is the second release by this band which is a project of guitarist Olaf Thorsen from Labyrinth and vocalist Fabio Lione from Rhapsody, who also did the vocals on the No Limits album by Labyrinth. The overall sound of this band is certainly more like Labyrinth than Rhapsody and is a more stripped down less epic type of sound. This is one of those albums that comes out and even after 5 or 6 listens, there are no really killer tracks......I like the sound of the band and the production is very good but overall, the songwriting is a bit lacking. The disc has a more progressive feel to it than either Labyrinth or Rhapsody and at times reminds me of a Symphony X or Shadow Gallery type of sound. Keyboards are used a lot and the occasional very cool synthesizer/guitar trade-offs almost give it a 70's type of progressive sound. Fabio's voice sounds incredible and for most of the album, he sings very differently than with Rhapsody. His vocal performance on the title track is simply amazing. Olaf Thorsen really churns out some fine riffing and also some great melodic leads in Taste of Goodbye, an almost Michael Kiske type of song. The third track, Pain is a good straight-ahead fast paced metal song as is Away From You which opens with almost Rob Halford like screams and also has one of those cool synth/guitar battles. Apocalypse Coming is probably the fastest paced song on the album and leads into an instrumental called Nemesis which also has some interesting keyboard, guitar work. The album ends with a cool (but strange!!) cover of Take On Me by the 80's band A-HA. These guys really give it the power metal treatment with double-bass drumming and all!!. Fabio's voice soars in this song and I think (besides the title track) is his best vocal performance on the album.

I suppose I'll have to leave this one to personal taste. The album started to grow on me after a couple of listens but I found that it was the sound and certain parts of songs that caught my ear not really entire songs themselves. It's by no means a bad album, but it's not an outstanding album either. With the flood of Power and Progressive Metal bands these days, there is nothing really unique or special about this album that makes me want to keep playing it. Production and musicianship is ace by this band and it seems that they're trying to find a sound for themselves. I'll look forward to hearing new material in the future from them as this release shows a both progression and improvement over their first release.

Killing Songs :
None really, but...... Send Me An Angel, Pain, Away From You, Taste Of Goodbye and Take On Me are solid tracks.
Marty quoted 78 / 100
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