Enemy Of Reality - Rejected Gods
FYB Records
Symphonic Metal
11 songs (45:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
The symphonic opening track that is Medusa, will draw you in and wonder what you are going to expect next? While symphonic tracks to start off a disc is nothing new, Greek newcomers Enemy of Reality get a little help with the track, from SepticFlesh's Christos Antonious composing it. Much like his band, the orchestrations are flawless. Enter Iliana, their soprano vocalist, and guest bassist, Mike Lepond(Symphony X), on what is one of the best tracks on the discs, My Own Master. Iliana's vocals go from a non-operatic voice to fullest extent of her range, sometimes within the same bar. She has a unique tone to her voice, regardless of the singing style, she keeps the intensity throughout. Another thing I noticed immediately was the quality musicianship, while formulaic in symphonic metal song structure. The stand out instrumental sections, and guitar solo give the song a more progressive metal feel with the symphonic overtones adding another layer. The shortest track on the disc is the melodic and mid tempoed Lifeless Eyes. While Iliana's voice is a definite highlight, I wish the other instrumentation was a little louder during the verses. While the song does not push any boundaries, it is a solid song nonetheless. Needle Bites, has an accompanying video that guest stars, Ailyn Gimenez(Sirenia). The playful keyboard lead that opens One Last Try, brings back that progressive metal feel mentioned earlier. I have read other reviews, where reviewers felt Iliana's vocals did not fit the faster part of the songs. I honestly understand where they are coming from, but at the same time, she does not feel completely out of place to me.

Her Descending Ghost has a real moody intro, with some great guitar playing(lead and riffs). A stop and go rhythm is heard during the song, with Ilana doing some vocal gynamstics. The operatics are done well, without overdoing it, something that many within the genre do. The guitar solo is well played, a nice mix of melodic and technical. The next two five minute plus tracks, are both faster tracks. The first being The Bargaining, that minus the opening chanting vocals, I actually like the song. The chanting just seems off to me, but I am sure is used for effect. The first use of death metal vocals are on this track, and they are brutal, guttural, or whatever word you would like to use. This is definitely a dark moody track. The latter track, Grief Divine, goes back to the formula of earlier tracks, using a well place mix of progressive and symphonic metal. I particularly liked the opening synth arpeggios. Some well placed guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and keyboard leads, Torn Apart is another well performed song. The orchestral sounds of the intro track, find its way to the intro of Twist Of Time. The guitar riffs run a nice counterpoint to the orchestral arrangement before the first verse kicks in. This and My Own Master are two of my favorite tracks on the entire disc. Step Into The Light starts of slower, with just piano and vocals. The vocals are very subdued and are equal parts beautiful and haunting. A guest appearance from Maxi Nil(ex-Vision of Atlantis) shows off her beautiful voice, along with with Iliana's makes for a nice duet. The disc definitely closes on a more somber note than it opened with, and this last track, is definitely not a throw away track.

If you are in Europe, and can make it to The Dames Of The Darkness Festival 5 in May, you will be able to see Enemy Of Reality share the stage over two days with Sirenia, Leaves Eyes and many others.

Killing Songs :
My Own Master, Needle Bites, Her Descending Ghost, Twist Of Time
Joel quoted 83 / 100
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