Ilium - My Misanthropia
Nightmare Records
Melodic Power Metal
10 songs (46:00)
Release year: 2015
Ilium, Nightmare Records
Reviewed by Joel

My Misanthropia is the first track from the multi-national band of Ilium, featuring the very talented Lance King(ex-Pyramaze and others) on vocals. They are also signed to King's Nightmare Records for the release of My Misanthropia. Besides the obvious power metal and general heaviness(the brief sweep guitar lead in the first two minutes of the song is awesome), is King's more aggressive vocal apporach. A double take at first, revealed that this is definitely, Mr. King. With the aggressive guitar riffs, and faster tempo the new vocal approach definitely fits the music. A good mix of keys and guitars, carry the musical parts of My Misanthropia. The interesting titled and probably hard to pronounce, Quetzalcoatl is next. This song has a mixed AOR/Melodic Power Metal vibe with its synth driven intro, the guitar riffs, and King's more familiar melodic vocal lines. Much the opener, this song has a jaw-dropping guitar solo, that is not only melodic but technically well played. The return to speedy power metal does not take long, starting with the beginning of Penny Black. With a vocal delivery that feels more Gamma Ray with King singing. This is not necessarily a bad thing at all, and while this type of song has been done countless times before, this one is very good. The intricate guitar work, the speedy yet very melodic and catchy melodies and vocals makes it enjoyable. Lingua Franca is next, a mid song with a solid groove throughout most of the song. Godless Theocarcies starts faster and becomes more mid tempo by the first verse. Some cool guitar riffs in between the verses and the chorus, some great lead guitar playing, keep the song from falling into the “been there, heard that” category.

The brief The Hatchling has some interesting parts in its two minute and forty second run times. King's vocals on this song, have an early Queensryche(Rage For Order specifically) feel to them. As short as it is, is definitely one of those, you gotta go back and play it twice. The first time I noticed anything slowing down on the disc, was the first thirty seconds of Orbiting A Sun Of Sadness. Synths and drums opened, before tremolo riffing and power chords follow. Another song that could be AOR or melodic power metal depending on your definition of the two. My favorite guitar riff and intro belongs to Zenith To Zero. Another melodic mid tempo rocker with some great guitar riffs and the lead guitar melody you hear in the beginning is repeated at different points of the song. The mix of melody and groove can definitely be heard on another oddly titled song, Yuletide Ebbs. This song differs a little bit from everything else on the disc, but with a mix of synth(organ sounding). effects and the infectious guitar riff, it's a fun song. The Cryptozoologist is the last longest track on the disc at just over six and a half minutes and is also the last track on the disc. Strings with an insanely fast guitar riff(the fastest on the disc on my riff) opening the song before it breaks into its frentic mix of fast paced and groove oriented guitar riffs. It has a lot in common with the songs that came before it. I really enjoyed the guitar and keyboard interplay on this song a lot. The string effects add another layer to the song, and give it an epic feel. The disc definitely ends on a high note.

I had never heard of Ilium before, but their previous singer I had heard before, it was Mike DiMeo(ex-Riot, ex-Masterplan) and with Lance King on vocals, I do know Ilium has been upgraded. As always King's performance demands attention. Even more so on this release, with the changing vocal styles. A lot of respect goes to him, for doing something that may be different but fits the music of Ilium perfectly. If you like speedy melodic Power Metal that may not reinvent the genre, but is definitely enjoyable, then Ilium may be for you

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Joel quoted 89 / 100
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