Bludgeon - Crucify The Priest
MetalBlade Records
Heavy/Thrash/Death Metal
12 songs (40'15)
Release year: 2002
Bludgeon, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Bludgeon has the singular distinction of being the first band signed to Manowar's Magic Circle Music and the first project, outside Manowar, to be produced by its legendary bassist Joey DeMaio. This band coming from the streets of Chicago have been brought together by fate, but that kind of story goes for ... their die-hard fans.

Your only interest should logically (?) lie in the content of this Cd ... or beyond the wonderful cover-art (poor little priest !). Bludgeon plays death metal, at the border of thrash and heavy metal. Sounding like a mix of Forbidden, Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death, Bludgeon plays fast and angry heavy/death metal, with capital A. However, even though there is absolutely no doubt Crucify The Priest is a death metal record, it reminds me ... Burnt Offerings (Iced Earth) as the guitar/bass/drum rhythm is very similar to the famous US heavy metal band. Actually, early Metallica, Testament or Death are very nearby when it comes to "thrashy" guitar riffs.

The vocals are darker compare to the above-mentioned bands and it is not always easy to understand what the singer screams !!! The production is wonderful (almost perfect to be honest) and I can hardly say Joey DeMaio had "some nose" when he find out this band. My only worry about this type of announcement - the fact that all the world knows now that Joey DeMaio is the godfather of Bludgeon - stands here : will it benefit the band ... or will it act as an "opposite driving force" (to be explained in the next Star Wars).

Being a huge fan of early Metallica, Forbidden, Iced Earth and as I am still asking myself how is it possible that Burnt Offerings (Iced Earth) didn't worked (sold) well, these musicians out of Chicago prove with this Crucify the Priest that Iced Earth was (and still is) well beyond everybody else. Check first track, Smoke Screen, or third track (Tortured Through Lies) to have a general feeling about this record.

There is another song I could mention in the discography of Iced Earth that seems to have influenced Bludgeon : Vengeance Is Mine. If you know this song - and like it - you will find the "fighting-spirit" of this marvelous song all over Crucify The Priest. So if you like "speedy" rhythms, cut-like-a-knife-thrashy-riffs combined with "dark-hating" vocals, I recommend you to listen to Crucify The Priest.

The band's member simply refuse to be confined to someone else's parameters; resist being locked into one style music or one area of song writing and are comfortable expounding social commentary as they are delving into the darkness that is life. However, Crucify The Priest goes for all fans of death metal out there ... especially those of you who are also fans of early Iced Earth & Testament. So don't forget to check Bludgeon ; a rocky is born, let's see if the rocky is able to become a shining star.

Killing Songs :
Smoke Scrren, Tortured Through Lies, Inner Hell, Last Rites
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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