Black Cilice - Mysteries
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black Metal
6 songs (38'19'')
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Jared

Portugal’s Black Cilice is no stranger to raw sounding black metal. There’s something about that rebellious garage or basement sound that really can attack the right nerve. Mysteries is Black Cilice’s latest album, the third full length to be exact. While the album may contain that raw black metal essence, it lacked much to come back for.

The album begins with a raw crunch, but quickly dives into some quick blast beating. An echoing ring likes to fill the air in this track, giving it a kind of melancholic or atmospheric touch. However, it seems this sound finds its way into every single track, making it seem extremely repetitive and difficult to stay attached. However, despite this constantly reoccurring sound, the music does emerge and spawn an evil concoction of black metal in some small portions.

This album is entirely instrumental for its 38 minute duration. The fastest track, The Truth, really comes off as an unbearable noise with the continued annoying howl. But the album does do some interesting things, mostly with a kind of hypnotic ambience, or cruel ringing sound. But it simply, and I hate to say it, drove my ears more crazy that I was expecting.

Mysteries was a difficult album to push through. While there may be some solid instrumental music somewhere in between all the wailing, listening felt to be a chore with this one.

Killing Songs :
A Prayer from Beyond
Jared quoted 60 / 100
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