Zero Down - No Limit to the Evil
Minotauro Records
Heavy Metal
10 songs (39'41'')
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Jared

Formed around 2002, Zero Down is a band that has flown way under the radar for me. Prior to the recent release, No Limit to the Evil, they have released three other full-length albums, but never once did I cross paths with any of them. This heavy metal act has shared stages with others such as Accept, Motley Crue, and Diamond Head. Their latest album No Limit to the Evil, is a quick burst of heavy metal with some solid moments, but lacks in keeping one locked in.

The first track, Return of the Godz is a surprisingly attractive opener. They rock to an older sounding metal, with such influences like Judas Priest, Accept, and Motely Crue. The opening track begins with simple heavy riffs until the vocals scream with an extremely 80s sound. Some tracks have a definite fun attitude to them, such a personal favorite track, Cold Winters Night. The guitar riffing deviates away from the simple heavy chug, and gets more focused on lead riffs. It contains the kind of chorus to drunkenly sing along, and if you’re up to it when the solo emerges, “air guitar it” if you wish. Phantom Host gets a bit speedier on the album. Not at the sort of power metal speed, but does incorporate some double bass to help keep a bit of variety keeping the heavy metal “in your face” for a good duration. The end gets a little slower with acoustic guitars to completely change direction of the mood but it was short lived.

Zero Down’s No Limit to the Evil isn't an awful record. Sadly, it is easily forgettable despite maybe a few shining moments here and there. It has a fun attitude overall, but between the cheesiness and repeated sound; it really was hard for the album to stick anywhere strong as I was hoping it to.

Killing Songs :
Return of the Godz, Cold Winters Night, Phantom Host
Jared quoted 65 / 100
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