Project Arcadia - A Time Of Changes
Nightmare Records
Modern Melodic/Power Metal
11 songs (46:00)
Release year: 0
Nightmare Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month

Here to Learn is the first song, on the latest disc from Project Arcadia, a Bulgarian band with Swedish born vocalist, Urban Breed. If his name sounds familiar he was in the bands Tad Morose and Bloodbound. Project Arcadia finds Breed in a much more melodic band, then his previous two. This song would be a mix of classic melodic power metal with a dose AOR added. Some great guitar riffing and melodic leads, with the usual strong vocals from Breed. With a great melodic lead that opens Shelter Me, the second song here leaves off exactly where the first one ended. A big melodic chorus is featured in this song, without it being overdone or "Epic." A mixture of melodic lead guitars riff, a stop and go riff, and a layer of clean arpeggiated guitars, is where I Am Alive starts off. When Breed's vocals come in, they have this haunting feel to them. I really think this song is a highlight on the entire disc, and it is the perfect combination of melody, heaviness, and technical ability all in one song. Speaking of technical ability, guitarists Villy Neshev and Plamen Uzunov, are in top form on this disc, and between the solos and riffs, they don't play the same thing twice throughout the disc. Beggars At The Door, is another song with a big melodic chorus, and like the songs between for it, it has that AOR vibe. The Ungrateful Child starts with some soft but technical guitar playing, and Breed singing slowly. Again this song has a bit of a haunting feeling to it. A definite ballad, but far from filler, and a really good song. Listen for the flourishes of acoustic lead guitar playing.

Timeless finds the band switching between heavy guitar riffs in the beginning and, a bass driven melody during the verses. This song has another great guitar solo as well. This song has some of the greatest dynamics between slow and fast on the entire disc. Joy is a short guitar instrumental, while not necessarily needed, it is far from bad, and it is barely over the minute and a half mark. The title track is next switching between a slower initial verse, and a faster tempo heard throughout the rest of the song. While the slow to fast, and so on has been done throughout the disc, again I will say that I am surprised I have not heard any recycled verses or guitar riffs yet. You can watch the video for Formidable Foe HERE and decide for yourself what to think, I love how this song builds up. A flurry of guitar arpeggios/leads open up The Deal(an arpeggio/lead heard later on in the song as well), and they really catch your attention before the song finds itself in that melodic mid tempo pace heard throughout the disc. Shadows Of The Night, is probably my favorite song, at just over five minutes it is the longest song on the disc, and really highlights the best of what the band has. I would love to see if the band decides to make a video for this song, as it is one of the best songs on the disc.

Melody, power, and strong songwriting from a band I had never heard of, is what you will get from Project Arcadia. For all the heavier or even symphonic bands I listen too, it is nice to change things up a bit, especially when the end product, is this good. This was a nice surprise, and it comes courtesy of Lance King's Nightmare Records, at least for me here in the US. Please refer to Project Arcadia's website, for releases in your country. For fans of Breed's previous bands, or fans of melodic rock/power metal.

Killing Songs :
I liked them all, but Shadows Of The Night is my favorite
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