Chiral - Abisso
Progressive Black Metal
4 songs (22:18)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Neill

Chiral are a progressive black metal band from Italy officially "born" in January of 2014. This is their first non demo release, a quick 4 track EP. I had not heard the band's name before, but I was interested in hearing this record. There are certainly some very interesting parts on this EP, and I am glad I got to hear this.

The band mixes (mostly) Black metal and acoustic music, but has some elements of Doom as well. The opening track Disceso Nel Buio has some really slow, heavy music and really deep vocals. The background synths add some great atmosphere and this track could easily fit on most doom/funeral doom albums. The next track give us our first glimpse of black metal form the band. Screeching vocals, fast guitars and rapid fire drums, before slowing down into an acoustic section with a really beautiful, almost Opeth sounding solo. The song picks back up though and continues the onslaught of fast paced black metal. The next track is really the highlight/main focal point of the EP. The nearly 12 minute title track Abisso.

The title track starts off with another Opeth sounding solo, which I do not mind. It reminds me of the first 3-4 albums, which I still love. The black metal sections are still fast, but have a bit more lead guitar work, and do change pace a bit throughout. The drums get a chance to really shine and show some real skilled not just be hyper speed. There is also a really great solo around the 8:30 mark that I think really brings the already great track to another level. The track ends with more acoustic guitars before leading into the final track, the piano driven In Assenza. The final track is a little over one minute, and is a beautiful way to end the record.

This EP really took me by surprise, and I'm glad it did. I found myself enjoying every track, and every part of this. The main track, I can pay the highest compliment to here, as it is nearly a 12 minute track that breezes by and feels maybe half that time. The acoustic elements are welcomed, and very well done. This is an example where one band can (at times) remind me of another band, but in a good way. I think the production and mix feels right for this album, everything sounds clear, but it's not compressed and over produced to the point of nonsense. This is something I would give a high recommendation for, as I feel this band is one to watch going forward, and they will be making themselves known sooner than later. Please listen to this record here and enjoy.

Killing Songs :
Abisso, Oblio
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