Distorted Harmony - Chain Reaction
Progressive Metal
9 songs (52:00)
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Reviewed by Joel
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Every Time She Smiles is the first track from Israel's Distorted Harmony, and it introduces you to the whirlwind of what the next fifty plus minutes has in store. From the clean guitar and effects intro, to the progressive metal that shortly follows, and back to the melodic clean guitar during the verses. Distorted Harmony is definitely a progressive metal band that deserves to be mentioned among the elite. Though before someone screams Dream Theater, its not anything like Dream Theater. Sure there are poly-rhythms and several syncopated rhythm sections, but DT were not the first nor the last to use them. Now back to the music, the first track is very strong, and is followed up by the heavier Children of Red. Heavy, fast and melodic is how it begins with a very power progressive metal feel to it. The song I believe speaks to the current state of affairs in the middle east, and the world itself. Instead of being anti-political, its a song for hope and standing against what the status quo of politics. Lyrics like "We're Children of Colourless Freedom/Promise We'll Set You Free", are simple but to the point and the lyrics are something the world can relate to. Screaming vocals add another layer to the song, its a sudden burst of aggression, before the song goes melancholic for a moment. Misguided has one of my favorite intros of any song on the disc, and again the lyrics are really worth listening too. I find myself paying more attention to the lyrics through my second, third, and fourteenth(maybe fifteenth) listen, because the band has a message, and they write really insightful lyrics. The slower parts of the song, remind of me Porcupine Tree, while the chorus is something all their own. After the short but beautifully simple instrumental, Nothing(But the rain), comes As One. With a synth beginning that takes a good thirty seconds plus to build, the song grows into a very melodic yet heavy song. The first verse features a very audible and cool syncopated bass/drum line. Like the songs before it, As One features several different guitar riffs, tempos, and melodies throughout its nearly six minute running time.

Another heavier song is Hollow, while it starts simple and slow, its a grower. It has an almost Tool(Think Lateralus) type feel at points in the song. As You Go is a simple acoustic song, that sounds very Porcupine Tree-ish, with a little of the The Beatles thrown in(Weird? Maybe, but it works!). The five minute monster that is Natural Selection is next, and that intro, is just WOW! This is one of the more progressive songs on the entire disc in my opinion, without selling any other songs short. There is a lot to this song to explain, but just listen to it, and if you like how the rest of the songs sound, you will love this one as well. Methylene Blue is an interesting effects and keyboard driven song. Has a very ethereal feeling to it. The rest of the band, plus an amazing guitar solo(Wish there was more on the disc) join in just after the halfway point of the song. At nearly eight minutes long, this is Distorted Harmony at their best, with everything they have to offer.

I found Distorted Harmony through a Facebook post about progressive rock and metal bands, and I was struck by the shear musicianship of the band. Progressive, yes, but unlike their countrymen in the great, Orphaned Land, the chaos that is the Middle East, is not their focal point of their lyrics, nor is their culture found in their melodies. If you like Progressive Metal that stretches the boundaries of music, and takes you on a ride, where you have no idea where your final destination is, then by all means please give Distorted Harmony a chance. Hopefully with more exposure, the world will find another jewel within this niche genre. Distorted Harmony is everything Progressive Metal is, but with a style that is all their own. Check out their website if your interested in buying the disc as well as checking out their debut, Utopia, and learning about this great up and coming band.

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