Voyager - V
IAV Records
Progressive Rock/Metal
13 songs (55:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
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Australia's Voyager has been on my radar for quite some time, I have been listening to the band since I saw the video for the song Lost, off their I Am The Revolution disc. They are one of the more unique bands in the Progressive Rock/Metal genre, with a unique mix and focus on keyboards and layers upon layers of musical effects and instrumental parts.

Breaking Down starts simple enough with a synth opening, before the song moves into a mid-paced tempo. The song is actually pretty straight-forward for a Voyager song. The syncopated rhythm section is something that is a bit of preview of what you will hear later on the disc. The first single off this disc is Hyperventilating, with its hyper-active melody and tempo changes, and the crooning of vocalist, Danny Estrin. With a mixture of sounds from synth based pop/rock to full on metal, this guys vocals are much like their music, varied and all over the place(That is good thing in this case). I love the bass and percussion work in this song, and the lead guitar work. A Beautiful Mistake is a very melodic song, and has some great musical parts, along with Estrin's solid vocals. Fortune Favors The Blind, is synth based song, with effects and Estrin singing melodically over them. You The Shallow has my favorite opening guitar riff on the entire disc, and the lead work is spectacular. Embrace The Limitless opens with a repeated keyboard arpeggio melody followed by some pop like vocals, then like typical Voyager, it becomes something completely different, a solid progressive rock song.

Orpheus and The Domination Game are a little heavier than the songs before it, and the only thing I wish for is the rhythm guitar to be a little higher in the mix. The latter almost as Progressive/Power Metal feel during the heavier parts. Definitely a highlight song on the disc in my opinion. Peacekeeper is another song with some amazing rhythm section work, and crooning from Estrin, where several times he sings in a falsetto. Can't say I love the falsetto, but its from jarring or un-neccesary. It's A Wonder is just a downright awesome song, and it has some great progressive metal moments, and I love how the bass is audible and really adds a dynamic during the instrumental section. The schizophrenic time changes, vocal styles, and ever changing melodies, are really highlighted in this song.

The Morning Light builds up with strings in the beginning before another great melodic solo comes in. Like Breaking Down, this song has several parts where the same vocal part is repeated. The song for the most part is melodic with great lead work throughout. Summer Always Comes Again is Estrin and his keyboard/piano(which he is the keyboardist of the band). It's a short, change of pace song, and its actually a very nice song. The last song, Seasons of Age contiues where its precessor left off, only with the rest of the band joining in. The song picks up tempo, and is similar to what you heard in the previous songs.
This was a very difficult review to write, and in a very good way. Bands like Voyager are sometimes hard to describe to listeners who may not have ever heard of them. If your a fan of progressive rock or metal and have an open mind, you will find a band that will grow on you. Estrin's vocals you will either love or hate, but the passion he puts behind them, can't be denied. The musicianship is top-notch, each member getting their time to shine. Please check out their previous two releases, I Am The Revolution and Meaning of I, because I believe they are just as good as this disc. Voyager continues to be consistent in their releases, and for those looking for something new in progressive music, you have found it, now go out and buy it.

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Joel quoted 90 / 100
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