Iron Mask - Fifth Son of Winterdoom
AFM Records
Power/Heavy Metal
12 songs (1'06'05'')
Release year: 2013
AFM Records
Reviewed by Jared

Neoclassical and hard rockers Iron Mask and their newest offering, Fifth Son of Winterdoom, which was released back in 2013, focus on some serious catchy song writing that comes off pretty captivating with some select songs. Their album Black as Death saw three ex-Yngwie Malsteem members join the group, but only Mark Boals remains with the latest album tackling lead vocals once again. Sounding less neoclassical, and more rock oriented, Fifth Son of Winterdoom is an album hard to push through at times because of its somewhat dull nature, but certain catchy songs work and emerge to deliver a bit of a satisfying lash of metal.

The album, which reaches over an hour in length made it especially difficult to finish the entire record, but rest assured, has some memorable tunes to get lost in. Like a Lion in a Cage begins with sizzling guitar solos to open up this masterful song with beautiful layered vocals that make for an extremely catchy chorus. Not only are choruses catchy, but heavy guitar riffs come off with the same attitude such as with the track Seven Samurai which was the most enjoyable track on the album. The heavy and catchy riffing makes up for the absence for the less than memorable chorus.

Choruses were very hit or miss, some of them being stronger than others. The lengthy self-titled track Fifth Son of Winterdoom which reaches about 10 minutes in length was one of the more captivating choruses. The track incorporates a great mix of power, heavy, and hard rock, with just a tad of neoclassical to create a perfect mix. Rock Religion is a good mix of hard rocking that has the ability to induce some heavy metal fist pumping with massive riffs and an overall simple, yet effectively catchy track.

Fifth Son of Winterdoom was a difficult album to complete and to have a desire to listen to again despite a good handful of songs. The songs that do shine pose great potential for any listener of solid hard rock. The album loses its luster quick with a lot of songs presented, but after weeding out the less desirable tunes, there are some solidly written hard rocking songs to be found amidst some of the more bland and boring tracks.

Killing Songs :
Like a Lion in a Cage, Seven Samurai, Fifth Son of Winterdoom, Rock Religion
Jared quoted 68 / 100
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